Within the Program “Comerciantes Exitosos” supporting by the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia in coordinate work with the Citizen Group Colombia Basura Cero took place the last session on Saturday October 25 about Zero Waste and Circular Economy in the Community Action Board of a neighborhood named “Consolation” in the locality of Engativá. It was open to the entire community and especially to the commercial sector that could learn about valorization and responsible consumption.

During the day the Citizen Group gave an introduction about the consequences of the current economic model and its linear system which is based only on the extraction and natural resources depredation. This is a subject of great interest and suitability for the merchants, mainly for the opportunity to move towards an economic model that sees what we call «trash» as resources. We need to create different strategies that promote the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to reduce the amount of waste that come to Doña Juana Landfill.

In that regard the community highlighted in practical terms, the need to raise awareness about the appropriation of public spaces such as the street and the park that are important spaces that allow to build social network. As Mrs Romelia Burgos mentioned «The park belongs to everyone, it is like the living room of the house that must be left in good condition.»

Zero Waste towards a culture of citizen appropriation !


By Luisa Fernanda León Luque

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