The Zero Waste School in Girardot was an educational space that brought together academics, students and professionals with the object of developing a model for the management of solid waste.

The development of this educational space allowed the participants to influence the plans for the Integrated Management of Solid Waste („Gestión Integral de Residuos Sólidos“ (PGIRS), that is currently being updated in the entire national territory.



The event was a complete success due to the participation of university instructors, that have great experience in environmental issues. Furthermore students from the „Universidad de Cundinamarca“ (University of Cundinamarca), that assisted to the school, contributed to the debates and made it possible to approach postulates of circular economics, eco-efficiency and alternatives to refuse utilisation using a systematic methodology.

In that way, processes of `reflection – action – reflection` of the issues, that the participants dealt with, were implemented. Theoretical tools for the treatment of solid waste were presented and international and national case studies were analysed with the objective of forming a prospective vision of the development of alternatives for the integrated management of solid waste.

The Cooperation Zero Waste Colombia is grateful to the University of Cundinamarca for making the development of the Zero Waste School Girardot possible by providing the space and for bringing the iniciative to municipalities, that wish to broaden their knowledge and to establish efficient systems for the management of solid waste.

escuela girardot