As part of the training in environmental education of the University Francisco José de Caldas and, in coordination with the Citizen Group Bogotá Basura Cero, a series of talks and workshops about Zero Waste and circular economy have been developed in order to link the academic community in these processes and dynamics that each day are more important and viable for the city.

From a presentation of the international context and the district dynamics, it was explained that Zero Waste responds to an international policy, that several countries have been working on it such as Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and others. They have made progress in the implementation of solid waste use alternatives from the 4R : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Revalue.

In that regard, it was noted that Zero Waste is a matter of all, where the manufacturer, the consumer and the state have responsibilities. To that extent it is important to move towards a cultural change through the joint and coordinated work of the academia, the public and private sector and the community in general.

University students who participated in the different talks committed themselves to be leaders, inform and work forward the academic and research development of diagnostic studies and technologies that contribute to the review and analyze the relevant and appropriate alternatives of waste valorization to the district context.