Release 001/2016 – Basura Cero Colombia NGO started its agenda of social environmental education events for the year of 2016 with its participation at the academic agenda of the 2d Environmental Community Fair that took place in the city of Cali the 24th of February of the present year. This event counted with the presence of Sandra Milena Pinzón, Executive Director and Speaker of the Organization, responsible for making the presentation about “Circular Economy and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)”.

2a feria ambiental Cali (1)

This Fair, a result of the Cali Bioagradable1 initiative to articulate tools and politics to improve the environment, which at the same time comes up from the alliance between the Autonomic Regional Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CVC), the Chamber of Commerce of Cali, the Administrative Department of Environmental Management (DAGMA) and the Ave Fenix Foundation, designed an academic agenda integrated by seven (7) speakers, experts in topics such as responsible consumption, current tendencies about integrated waste management and the environmental impacts derived from an inappropriate disposal of such waste. Besides, the organizers enable a physical space for the presentation of results from 22 environmental projects developed in urban areas of the city, as well as some initiatives, both public and private, for the exploitation of waste. One of the private sector’s initiative was presented by Darnel, who working in partnership with our Organization as an associate for topics of environmental education, handed individually more than 400 rulers made 100% out of recycled plastic material, along with the same number of informative notebooks with content related to the proper separation at the source of this type of material, as support for the message that the disposables and, in consequence, the raw materials utilized on its production, are recyclable.

2a feria ambiental Cali (2)

Finally, this event also featured a parallel cultural agenda which included the performance of artistic groups whose proposal was related with the topics of the event, as well as the signing of the Zero Waste Community and Business Agreement, by which companies with presence in the Valle del Cauca department such as Ingredion, Ingenios del Valle or Unilever commit with the establishment solid waste reduction goals inside their organization or business.

With this participation, the Organization Basura Cero Colombia reaffirms its commitment to provide environmental and waste management education to the society, while at the same time takes up the challenge of converting the Zero Waste Agreements into a national level initiative.

1 Wordplay that derives from the Spanish Word biodegradable (same meaning as in English), but ends with agradable, which means pleasant