Release 006 – Education is necessary for the Sustainable Development of the nation and this is why the NGO Zero Waste Colombia is committed to Colombians access to quality contents about solid waste management, with a simple and proper language for each audience, using technological tools of easy access nationwide, being pioneers in the democratization of knowledge for sustainability.


This offering of formation and training programs, which includes activities such as courses, forums, seminars, conferences and workshops about current national and international topics related to Solid Waste Management issues, incorporates a service that represents the cornerstone of the commitment that the Organization has acquired with both society and environment: the Zero Waste Schools.

This free of charge formation offerings represent educative and pedagogic spaces where the knowledge of academics, students, social leaders and professionals of several sectors is articulated around the creation of solid waste management models aimed at sustainability, becoming one of the most representative projects of Zero Waste Colombia and allowing the formation of more than 2500 people of different communities, regardless of their social and cultural origins or their economic capacity.


All the things mentioned above have accomplished the positioning of the Organization, in every level, as leaders at the design and execution of educational activities aimed to educate the community in subjects such as solid waste management or circular economy, oriented towards the philosophy and models of Zero Waste.

With the execution of this educative spaces, the NGO Zero Waste Colombia reaffirms its commitment with the environmental and waste management education of society, and fulfills its objective of proposing a new way to understand the concept of waste.