Release 002/2016 – The University of Cordoba (Colombia), aware of the current necessity to develop a responsible consumption culture and to use the natural resources in a sustainable way, has joined the increasingly large number of organizations who understand that part of the solution is to achieve the vision of solid waste as wealth generators, in accordance with what the concept of Zero Waste has being promoting since the 80’s.

This purpose implies that the waste has to be recognized as a raw material, exploitable, by reintegrating it into the economic, productive and ecological cycles, achieving for the citizenship and productive sector to decrease the amount of solid waste that they send into the landfills through conscious, voluntary and technical actions.

Framed into this general purpose, the University has include in its educative agenda for the month of March the conference “Zero Waste: eliminate or recycle?” that took place the 11th of the month in the central auditory, offered to all the people involved with the educative institution and dictated by Sandra Milena Pinzon, Executive Director and speaker of the Organization Basura Cero Colombia.

U de Córdoba (2)

With our involvement into this event, our Organization goes forward with the objective to find national partners that allow us to spread our way to understand the concept of waste, along with the purpose of continuing our commitment to incorporate the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle into the society, which we think are key elements into a sustainable model of Integrated Waste Management.